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Medicare Supplements

Medicare Supplement Insurance (Med Supp) plans are just that, supplemental plans that work in tandem with Medicare Parts A and B. Medicare Supplements are used to cover the gaps of Parts A and B and are designed to lower out-of-pocket costs. 

Dental and Vision

Medicare plans and major medical plans often have certain gaps that can leave retirees and their families responsible for out of pocket costs. Some of these gaps are dental work, eyeglasses/contacts, and, in some cases, hearing aids.  

Hospital Indemnity

While Medicare Advantage Plans may save you on monthly premiums, it can expose you to risk of out-of-pocket costs. Many clients can’t afford these out-of-pocket costs. Hospital Indemnity plans help cover the major areas of financial risk. Not only does it cover inpatient hospital copays and observational care in a hospital, it provides all of this at a fraction of the cost of a Medicare Supplement.

Life Insurance

Life Insurance and Final Expense are products that allow our clients to provide financial protection for themselves and their loved ones.


My Story

Patricia M. Bingham, the owner of Bingham's Consultants, is an experienced health care advisor, certified and licensed in Missouri, Illinois, Texas, and Alabama. Patricia has a diverse professional background spanning nearly five decades within the areas of Public Service, Finance, and Health Care Administration.


Patricia has worked as a licensed health and life representative for over 10 years in which she as received various accolades and commendations for her service to both the private and public sectors. Formally trained with a BA in Communications and an MA in International Business Patricia has molded and sustained a professional legacy that is innovative and thriving.


One of her favorite quotes is from Eric Thomas. It reads "Both desire and imagination are stored in the mind of the individual and when stretched, both have the potential to position a person for greatness."


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Disclaimer: By responding to this advertisement, I understand a sales agent may contact me by telephone, email or mail to discuss Medicare Advantage and Prescription Drug plans, and Medicare Supplement Insurance Plans.

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